RM Shipping


REAL METAL SHIPPING & GAS EE was founded in 2010 to offer its services to inland and land-based facilities, on a 24-hour basis.

At first, the company dealt with the service of vehicles and the installation of LPG and CNG gas engines, providing high-quality services and products as well as complete know-how and technical support. We have worked with international suppliers and experts to improve the components of liquified gas and have taken an active role in the relevant international markets.

Today, we specialize in ship and yacht maintenance, including cleaning, corrosion protection, and painting, either for renewals or new constructions in general. At the same time we provide maintenance services for bridges and wind turbines, while we offer top quality technical insulation.

The company is able to assign a team of experts in Greece, in broad industrial areas like those of Elefsina and Perama, and upon request in any EU country, or internationally. Every employee is well-trained and aware of any update concerning the field of their expertise. Our long-term experience in combination with our ability to deliver our services within the scope that our customers require are some of the factors that make our team reliable.

Our primary goals remain to respect the property and desires of our customers, as well as to protect and respect the environment. The company fully adheres to the international and European regulations, related to the aforementioned.

Our values


Respect is in the core of our business. RM respects not only the customer but also the environment. Oceans are strongly connected with the field of our expertise and we have the duty to let ships sail in a more blue world.


With more than 20 years of hands-on experience, we are passionate and eager to achieve more. In RM, we are motivated to inspire you and provide you with the optimum experience.


Credibility is part of our DNA. We are always looking to offer high end services with punctuality in time, but also in an efficient way. Our so far experience along with our business ethics, establish us as a credible partner to do work with.


How it's working



Listening carefully to our clients’ needs is key for a successful process. We review what needs to be fixed together, in order to collect all information required and consult you accordingly.


All departments work closely together to design the process in detail. From technical to operational activities, our team of experts prepare each detail before execution begins


Many issues may arise during the whole process. Our hero-team is composed of experienced problem solvers and hard-working professionals, monitoring each project’s progress closely.


Completing the project within the timeline our client requires is one of our primary goals. First and foremost, we need to review the work along with our client, to reassure optimum satisfaction.