RM Shipping

Propulsion Diesel Engines

The most important and iconic asset of a vessel is the perfect operating condition of the engines. Only people with a highly developed sense of understanding and knowledge of engineering are suitable to undertake and complete a reliable overhauling of vessel’s engines. In RM Shipping we have completed repairs and maintenance works for all kind of engines (main engines, auxiliary, emergency engines etc.) and we have a long and proven truck record in this specialized field of expertise.

  • Inspection-Overhauling-Maintenance of main propulsion and diesel engines as well as auxiliary engines of all types,
  • Fuel injection systems (injection timing adjustment ),
  • Turbochargers overhauling, retrofit and maintenance,
  • Manufacture and recondition of machinery components (welding, reblading),
  • Supply and repair for all kind of spare parts,
  • Engine alignment.