RM Shipping

Sandblast – Painting – Coating

Rm Shipping provides safe, environmentally friendly, high quality, competitive, direct-to-customer marine sandblasting, water blasting, painting, coating and maintenance services across the world. Our sandblasting and painting division extends RM shipping commitment to provide every customer with on-time, quality workmanship and vigilant attention to safety and compliance on every project. Let RM shipping work alongside your operations and maintenance teams to strategies in implementing a robust program that will reduce costs, downtime and protect your investments.

  • Cleaning of ships and industrial departments,
  • Surface preparation for protection and shielding,
  • Sandblasting according to the international standard 055900-1967 (housing/tank protection etc.),
  • Watering according to international standards (Norma 2222),
  • Specialist sponge services,
  • Painting of ships and onshore installations,
  • Renovation and conversion projects: local and/or general final coating, change of paint systems,
  • Specialized paint arrangement,
  • New constructions: anti-corrosion protection, filling, granulation and coating,
  • Review: damage repair, complete reconstruction and reinvestment,
  • Maintenance and advice: dry connection and annual maintenance,
  • Pipe cleaning and protection,
  • Varnishing,
  • Specialized application machines