RM Shipping


Avoid energy loss, reduce surface temperatures, ensure maximum safety, reduce wear, protect components – the list of requirements for range insulations is long and demanding. RM Shipping offers tailor made comprehensive services from the very beginning of your project. Weather for watercrafts, ships or yachts on the high seas or at coastal terminals we develop, produce and install heat, cold, sound and fire insulations for any application. We are committed to one goal: undertake and deliver with professionalism, flexible logistics and outstanding quality at competitive prices.

  • Bolts and ceiling insulation (stone wool, rock wool),
  • Custom made thermal insulation blankets for valves and engine exhausts (ceramic),
  • Pipe insulation for steam pipes,
  • water pipes, air-conditioning pipes (stone wool type,
  • armaflex type),
  • Floor epoxy lamination (bolid type),
  • Supply for all insulation materials