RM Shipping


The maintenance – free, easy and complete solutions of aqua therm piping systems for water and cooling applications on board help to increase the safety and comfort of your passengers and crew as well as the efficiency of the vessel. At the same time, they contribute to lowering the maintenance and overall costs and reducing downtimes as much as possible. Aqua therm pipes warrant the safe conveyance of drinking water and other process fluids on board – without altering their quality in the least.

  • Pipe routing networks (design and installation),
  • Inspection and maintenance of piping systems,
  • Fabrication of piping (aqua therm type, steel),
  • Replacement and installation of piping,
  • Cold / hot water collectors,
  • Water processing units (aqua therm type),
  • Network crossing for fire line and sprinkler systems,
  • Supply for all kind of spare parts.